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Portrait Session - FAQ


What should I wear?

  • First of all avoid plaid, stripes and small patterns in clothing. Solids photograph better. Avoid large, bold brand names or words on clothing. 
  • The color of the clothing should always be toned down. Avoid saturated reds and orangesthey will overpower the face. Bright colors attract attention away from the face and seem to add weight to the bodies. Darker clothing tend to slenderize the subject and allow the face to be the center of attention. 
  • When choosing lighter colors, stick to pastels, but avoid colors that approximate flesh tones such as beige, yellow and peach
  • Turtle and V-necks can be flattering. Avoid very wide or deep V-neck garments, as well as bulky cowl neck sweaters that hide the neck. 
  • Bare arms call attention to themselves and will over power the face, wear long sleeves if you can. 
  • Women should wear long skirts, pants or dark stockings in order to keep the eye from being distracted towards the legs and away from the face.
  • Most outdoor sessions do not have places to change. Wear layered outfit so you can add or drop pieces for different looks. 
  • Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal. About like you might wear in the evening. Mascara should be clean and contain no clumps. 
  • Bring appropriate foundation wear for each outfit. Flesh colored is the best you can hope for. With today's thin fabrics, you might want to be careful when selecting a bra so they do not give unsightly lines. 
  • Nails show so avoid bright colors, natural or basic work best.
  • Sexy is OK, but don't make all your outfits that way. 
  • Bring props that help define who you are if you have any.  
  • Bring your hair care tools and products with you if need be. It is okay to show up early in curlers if you need to. Please do not put glitter in your hair or your skin. Hair style is your responsibility. 

How can I prepare for my session?

What lighting do you shoot in?
  • I shoot natural light on location.  

How do I book you?

  • Just let me know you would like to book a session and what dates work best for you through my contact page.

Do you offer prints?

  • I don't do prints myself but you can order print and products though my website.The service uses only the best print vendors in the industry with proven quality and attention to detail. 

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